Platinum WFM is a specialist boutique service provider of a range of payroll services and solutions aimed at reducing your payroll management costs and overheads while improving your payroll governance and risk management through automation and implementation of best-practice systems.


Partnering with leading providers of workforce automation systems like Payroll and innovative Superannuation Providers, Platinum WFM is able to provide your organisation with trusted, robust solutions that are currently tested in the local and national marketplace.


Our Mission

To achieve business success for our clients through innovative and automated workforce management solutions that enhances efficiency, accuracy and reduces costs for maximum profitability in today’s disruptive economies.


Our vision is to assist business in achieving cost effective and efficient processing of payroll utilising best-practice online systems has seen the introduction of Platinum WFM to achieve this objective.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide best practice, leading edge solutions and services that address the workforce and payroll management needs of our clients.

We believe our market knowledge of 15 years plus workforce and payroll management experience, access to contemporary leading edge systems and a passion for good old fashioned “customer service” stands us apart from our competitors.

Specialising in Western Australia across a variety of industry sectors employing white-collar professional resources, we aim to use our local knowledge coupled with our wealth of industry experience and capability to ensure our solutions and services exceed our client’s expectations.

Our People

Our people have extensive industry experience in workforce management, payroll software solutions and cloud software and look forward to assisting your business with your current or future workforce management needs.

Our Extended Team includes:

  • Experienced Payroll and Workforce Management Specialists
  • We continue to build our team of commercially experienced payroll specialists;
  • Our specialists have industry and commercial experience;
  • Our specialists are selected to have strong business acumen as well as technical experience;
  • All of our specialists have a “customer first” approach to customer care.

Workforce Management Intelligence

We pride ourselves on our workforce management intelligence services that seek to achieve key workforce management outcomes for our clients through the provision of:

  • Personal and timely service;
  • Innovative leading edge solutions;
  • Automation for efficiency and accuracy;
  • Focus on customer service and quick response times;
  • Mobile cloud based solutions;
  • Driving down costs through technology based efficiency;
  • Improving profitability; and
  • Maximising workforce management outcomes.

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