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Workforce Onboarding

We are able to introduce a range of systems and processes to make on-boarding your employees or workforces efficient and effective.
These include systems to gather and record:

  • Statutory requirements including employment declarations;
  • Signing of contracts and employment agreements;
  • OH&S, organisational policies and procedures
  • Certifications, training and immigration requirements;
  • Behavioural profiling, benchmarking and skills testing;
  • As well as a variety of other tailored solutions.

Our collaboration software we use to manage automation has been a hit with many of our clients who have gone on to use it internally for some of their own online business requirements.

Outsourced Payroll Solutions

As well as providing you the systems and best practice to better manage your workforce, Platinum WFM is also able to manage the payroll of your workforce in a fully serviced outsourced arrangement.

What does this mean to your business?

  • An Outsourced Payroll Solution, means that Platinum WFM on your behalf will:
  • Payroll your contract or permanent workforce on your behalf;
  • Manage all statutory payroll processing requirements;
  • Issue Group Certificates on your behalf;
  • Provide additional services to staff on a negotiated basis including “salary sacrificing”;
  • Provide full timesheet management services;
  • Undertake invoicing on your behalf upon request if requested and negotiated;
  • Manage the workforce relationship under their requested contract structure ABN Pty Ltd or PAYG.
  • Outsourced Payroll Solutions allow your business to manage risk and governance in a structured and agreed manner.

Workforce and Contractor Care

A feature of Platinum WFM is our wealth of commercial knowledge and experience in all aspects of workforce care. Services and solutions we provide in this area include:

  • Management of ongoing workforce contracts, existing and new;
  • Management of contract payroll whether this is for sole traders, PAYG or PTY LTD;
  • Processing of payroll requirements on behalf of individual workforces or on behalf of your internal permanent or contract workforce;
  • Implementation and management of systems and processes to enhance your scheduling and/or workforce management requirements;
  • Provision of additional services including management of LAFHA or Visa requirements utilising our industry partners.

Timesheet Processing

Our Automated “Software as a Service” online systems are able to manage your timesheet processing, project planning and scheduling requirements while interfacing to arrange of “software as a Service” online accounting systems.
We are also able to interface to traditional accounting systems, factoring or debtor financing providers or third-party outsourced payroll providers’ offshore.

Your contract or permanent staff can easily access and manage their daily work, shifts, hourly or weekly payroll activities ensuring efficient processing and management of your payroll requirements.

Critical benefits to any organization with a large or temporary workforce includes:

  • Increased governance and reduced risk;
  • Significantly reduced risks of fraudulent signed timesheets;
  • Greatly increased timesheet processing efficiencies;
  • Faster turn around times for workforce managers and timesheet approvers;
  • Enhanced reporting with a range of reports available detailing your workforce structure, productivity and activities;
  • Improved invoicing and resource management capabilities.

Automated Invoicing

Gone are the days where multiple administrators or assistants were tasked with processing large amounts of payroll or timesheet information on a weekly basis matching hard copy timesheets to manual or automated invoice systems.

With the help of our Automated Payroll Partner, we are able to generate your timesheets in a fraction of the time of traditional systems.

Literally through the click of a button your client invoices can be automated generated and sent electronically, dramatically reducing the resources required to manage this process while increasing your efficiencies and invoice turn around times.

If your organisation is a larger organisation with a large number of billable workers, the cost savings associated with administration coupled with the quicker turn around times of your clients receiving your invoices is worth thousands to your business on a yearly basis.

Workforce Management Advisory

Platinum WFM is able to oversee your Workforce Workforce and Contract Governance through the provision of service and solutions that include:

  • Workforce Contractual Management and Advisory;
  • Management and compliance of government statutory obligations;
  • Review of your existing workforce contract arrangements and requirements;
  • Management of collection and compliance through managed online systems;
  • Ongoing review of compliance of outsourced managed workforce;
  • Introduction of processes, systems and best practice to assist your organisation to comply with industry or statutory workforce obligations.

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